How Does Spiritual Healing Work?


Spiritual healing is a complement to the traditional treatment you would receive from a medical doctor. It is a natural healing energy therapy that treats your spirit along with your body. Whether you need to cleanse your aura and get imbalance with the universe or you have a specific illness or ailment, spiritual healing is an effective way to treat all.

Spiritual healers act as a channel to pass God’s, or the Universal power’s, healing energy to another person. This powerful healing method stimulates your self-healing by releasing the tension and stress in your body while raising your vibrational frequency. Not only does spiritual healing help with your spiritual growth, but it also supports your immune system, relieves pain and normalizes blood pressure levels. People who are addicts can be helped with spiritual healing. It can be used to assist in ridding your body of toxins. It can even help you achieve better sleep as well. Spiritual healing assists in clearing your aura, chakras and meridians while helping with your emotional clearing by removing energy blockages, keeping your body in balance.


From psychic mediums and shamans to Reiki Masters, there are many types of spiritual healers who are passionate with what they do and want to share their gifts by helping others. Typically, a spiritual healer will begin treatment by getting attuned to the healing energy; this can be done in a variety of ways. Meditation, chanting, prayer, crystals, herbs and candles are just some of the methods and instruments that can aid a spiritual healer to become attuned. They will then scan your body to locate where there is blockage or where it needs to be healed by either hovering their hands just above it or by directly touching it. They then concentrate their healing energy on the spots that require treatment. You may even feel heat coming from their hands as the energy is passed through them unto you.


There are several different spiritual healing methods commonly used today. Faith healing is based on the power of prayer in which a person or a group of people pray for the healing of others. They can either place their hands directly on the individual as they pray or this method can be done from a distance. It doesn’t have to be a religious endeavor, as long as the spiritual healer has a strong faith in the healing process.

Reiki is another form of spiritual healing that continues to grow in its popularity. Originating in Japan, Reiki is used all over the world. During treatment, energy flows from the healer’s hands into you while they place their hands on or hovering just above your body. Certain symbols are used to invoke a specific energy.

Quantum Touch is a spiritual healing method that uses directed energy to reduce pain and inflammation by using the slightest, gentle touch. It uses very specific breathing techniques and body awareness exercises in order to generate a powerful field of healing energy that rapidly speeds up the healing process.


Life can get strenuous and you must keep your body and mind healthy and well-maintained in order to live a happy, attuned, long life. If you are in need of your own spiritual healing or are curious to see how you can benefit from speaking with a spiritual healer, contact us today to chat with one of our psychic mediums. Don’t wait another day to start your healing process and to change your life for the better.