Dream Interpretation

Every dream says something. Some dreams give disappointment, some give life in a wave of happiness. Dreams are related to the soul. When a person is in sleep, then his body is separated from the soul, because the soul never sleeps. In sleep, our five senses and mind stops doing its own actions and our mind remains completely calm. At that stage, the person has an experience that is related to his life. The same experience is called a dream. There are surprising discoveries and inventions in the dream. Even people’s fate has changed. Many times we get indications in the dream, but we cannot understand it. Dreams do not speak our language. They talk in signs.

Through these same dreams, knowledge of the past, future, and present can be obtained. Let’s see what your dreams say.

Almond – Seeing Almond in the dream means your future is safe. This is a sign of a happy life. Anger – If you see in your dreams that you are angry at someone, then it means that you love that person very much. If someone is angry with you, it also means that the person loves you.
Bald – Seeing baldness in the dream is an indicator of the upcoming disease.
Bed – Seeing you while laying a bed in the dream is an indicator of change of place.
Butter – It is an indicator of happiness.
Coffee – This is a symbol of a happy married life.
Diamond – The diamond in the dream is an indicator of the immense property.

Regardless of howsoever meritorious or average, we are in the study; we cannot deny the scary dreams that come at the time of the examination. There are often such dreams that we could not reach the examination hall, Pen stopped working, and the questions could not be answered. These dreams show that we need to improve our lives. It also explains the lack of confidence.

Everyone has such dreams that as if a murderer or some other person is following him, and in the dream, people get sweated. No matter how fast we run, it seems that the chaser will catch us. When he is about to catch us, our sleep is opened. Such dreams can really come from the fear of aggression, but often they cause our worries in the awakening state. These dreams show that we should not run away from any problems, but should face it. Such dreams come more to women because they are physically weak.

Often, in a dream, we are standing at a higher place and are afraid to see the depth below. We have a fear of falling down. As long as our eyes do not open, nothing can reduce our fear that we will not die. Such dreams, in which we see ourselves falling, can have many meanings and interpretations. Such dreams usually reflect a person’s internal insecurity, instability, and anxiety. These kinds of dreams happen when we are surrounded completely and in some situations in our life, we lose our control absolutely.

Tooth decay in a dream- This is a common dream, which often appears to people. It seems as if the teeth are dancing in palms or falling down one by one. Such dreams are very intimidating. In many cases, such dreams point to malnutrition. But they also mean that the person is worried about his appearance. Such dreams also show powerlessness.

Some common things we see in our dreams are- Sea, blossoming flowers, meeting or seeing a woman, receiving offerings, taking blessings, reading a book, watching snakes, watching a temple, getting dinner, climbing elephant, getting fruits etc. shows that we might get money from somewhere.

Seeing blood, breastfeeding, drinking alcohol, eating sweets, getting married, looking at the police or seeing their shaving is a deadly pain. Seeing widow’s beard growing is a sign of her remarriage. Married person or woman, seeing their hair white, shows the sum of separation or separation from the spouse.

Water is very closely related to wealth. Both are similar properties. If it is not saved, then both can be swept away. If the person fills the well, then there is a possibility of getting money very soon. Swimming in the dream is simply an indicator of unlimited wealth-arrival. In the dream, the river or ocean sight is also an indication of sudden accumulation.

Dreamers believe that white color has special significance in the dream. This color is considered a symbol of happiness, prosperity, peace, and courtesy. Therefore, looking for white clothes in the dream, wearing white clothes, looking for white flowers, looking at the white snow-covered mountains, white sea, a pinnacle of the white temple, white flag and white sun-moon etc. richness and abundant wealth Signs are there. If you see fruits, fruit trees, pomegranate, apple, coconut, betel nut, and cashew nuts, then there is tremendous potential for money. Consumption of fruits is considered both auspicious in the opinion of different dream experts, whereas most experts in connection with banana are unanimous that it is inauspicious and in many cases, death-inducing or deadly suffering indicators.

Dream of animals is also an indication as a sign of money laundering. Elephants, cows, horses, bulls, scorpions, big fish, white serpents, monkey, turtles and musk deer where suddenly are considered symbols of real wealth accumulation. At the same time about the bee has been said that the person who dreams can get a day in the bank account, the quadruple money increases. While the person watching the rat in the dream is ready to open a small account in the bank.

If a person sees himself climbing on a heap of grain, and at the same time, if he opens his sleep, then he might get the wealth benefits. In the same way, rice, barley, mustard etc. also indicate the realization of wealth.

These are just a few examples of some type’s dreams we see on any other day. The results can be different from person to person as they see dreams in a different hierarchy. It is always suggested that you contact a professional dream interpreter to get the most correct readings.