Spirited Pursuits

Author Emily Dietle

My focus is on state-church separation & social issues. I'm an avid reader, and feel that one of our most valuable tools is the free movement of information and ideas. | @emilyhasbooks

Changes are coming to this blog, and neither you or I know what they will be. While providing information and opinion about state-church separation, atheism, humanism, and related equality issues still interests me, I’m examining engaging in other related pursuits and require time to do so.

Prior to writing this brief and long delayed notice, I discussed my concerns in confidence to several close companions. Though I’m still not sure what the outcome will beeither broadening the topics covered or archiving everything and focusing on other mediumsI felt it important to elucidate on the cause for sparse blog posts as of late.

Some confidants have asked if I will continue to participate in the atheist community, and the answer is an emphatic, “Yes, of course!” I enjoy the blossoming atheist and humanist communities and my involvement outside of this blog will not shrivel. Until further posts, I’ll leave you with lyrics from my favorite musician, David Bowie, “Strange fascination, fascinating me. Ah changes are taking the pace I’m going through.”