Misanthropic Apology

Author Homer Carroll

Writer, game developer, unschooling mentor & founder/board member of Shine Your Light Event : A non-profit aimed at helping individuals in medical crisis | @homercarroll

Present and future children of the world, before you lose your innocence and grow up to be worthless apathetic parasites, I want to apologize for the state in which we will leave the planet to you. I am not strong enough to change our polluted course. I am sorry we are hurling ourselves relentlessly toward near total destruction of Earth’s resources, and that the movies and pictures you see from today will depict a beautiful fruitful world only found therein.

I am sorry. The burden we hand you is permanent, you will carry it on all corners of your existence, it will dominate your perception of the world, it will dominate your lifestyle. There is no recourse. This worthless apology is all I have to soften the blow, and I am sorry that by the time you can read this, you may not have the resources to view it.