Grasping for Grace

Author Emily Dietle

My focus is on state-church separation & social issues. I'm an avid reader, and feel that one of our most valuable tools is the free movement of information and ideas. | @emilyhasbooks


Religion doesn’t get to the root of the problems, it’s just behaviour modification, like a list of chores.    …Jesus & religion are on opposite spectrums, One’s the word of god & one’s a man-made invention, one the cure, the other the infection.    …Religion preaches grace, but practices ridicule.

What you’re witnessing in this video is a trend amongst Christians; they’re attempting to transform Christianity into a Jesus jamboree, and ignore the aspects of their religion that are distasteful.  For their belief system to survive an age where people are less prone to accepting blind hate and cowing to authoritarian rule, they must bend the rules; and the structure of the Bible has been designed by religious leaders over many centuries to morph when needed.

It’s great that YouTuber, Jefferson Bethke, is analyzing his faith and is critical of his religion. Yes, I meant his religion, because being a follower of “Christ,” makes you a Christian- no matter how many times it’s proclaimed otherwise… and Christianity is a religion.  A religion of peace, acceptance, grace, and love cannot be carved out of Christianity, because the problem lies with the book they use. Regardless of the interpretation, the Bible still has the “power” to control, kill, hate, and spread poisonous ideas.  The very people guzzling Jesus juice and preaching grace, are those that continue to use the “Word” to restrict rights from gay people, women, and anyone else whom they disfavor.

If grace is water, then the church should be an ocean.

Bethke really needs to dig further and continue his criticism of religion and the Bible… the church isn’t built for grace, it’s a business, built to control and self-enrich. Some individuals involved in the church on local levels may have good intentions, but the pieces as a whole are baneful.  When you apply sharp assessment to the Bible, you find that the “Word” is ancient lore, full of hatred, violence, mysogyny, stories created to inspire people to battle, and massive contradictions.  What makes Bethke think that the stories of Jesus aren’t contrived as well?

Perhaps his new take on Christianity could work if he and others modified the Bible to something similar to Jefferson’s edits, but this Grace-based-Faith will ultimately fail if adherents can still interpret the words in the Bible to fit their own biases.

Acting like a church-kid, while addicted to pornography…”

As far as the YouTuber’s “addiction to porn,” sexual activity is healthy, natural, and should be celebrated.  Controlling sex has been a powerful way for the church to control people, and the latest studies have found unhealthy relationships between the very religious and sex (read Sex and Secularism by Darrel Ray and Amanda Brown).  When you leave religion, your sex life vastly improves.  Why? Because you’re no longer under the power of the church that seeks to guilt you into submission.  If you choose to submit during sex as a non-believer, it’s with Japanese silk rope and handcuffs.