Give to Charity & I’ll Give to You

Author Bridget Gaudette

I'm an ex-Jehovah's Witness with a focus on Black atheism, humanism, and sex-positive dialogue. | @BridgetGaudette

A few authors donated their autographed books to a project that fell through, so now I have a box full of them to give away.. so.. I figured I’d use them to raise money for Foundation Beyond Belief, a humanist charitable foundation.

If you donate and the book you want is no longer available I will either refund your money or let you choose another book. I will update this as the donations come in.

Donate by clicking here and remember to provide your address and the title of the desired book(s). Remember this is for a good cause!

Here are your choices:

$10-$14 (44 available)- A copy of Skeptic magazine touched by Michael Shermer (unsigned)

$15-$19 (13 available)- The Soul of Science signed by Michael Shermer

$20-$29 (4 available) Why Darwin Matters signed by Michael Shermer

$30-$49 (1 available) Why People Believe Weird Things signed by Michael Shermer

(2 available) Moral Combat signed by Sikivu Hutchinson

(3 available) The Science of Good and Evil signed by Michael Shermer

(1 available) Raising Freethinkers signed by Dale McGowan

(1 available) Parenting Beyond Belief signed by Dale McGowan

(3 available) How We Believe signed by Michael Shermer

$50+: (3 hardcover available) The Mind of the Market signed by Michael Shermer

(3 hardcover available) Science Friction signed by Michael Shermer