Donation Appreciation

Author HypoChristi

A congenial, Southern, atheist, bisexual, vegetarian woman devoted to equality for all. Loves to amuse and be amused. | @hypochristi

I am now the member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Americans United, and American Atheists! Two generous Twitter users, @APOVMentarch (Pierre Vachon) and @DaylightAtheism (Adam Lee) have made this possible. These two gentlemen do not know me very well, but their belief in my potential is inspiring.

Emily reached out personally to ask others to help further my “blossoming” blogging endeavor and student activism.  Adam and Pierre responded, Rhys Morgan and Pierre retweeted. I can’t begin to describe what this means to a poor college student like me.

I first knew of FFRF when I entered their college essay contest for the first time two years ago. I didn’t win, although I bought some of Dan Barker’s books as well as some bookmarks and stickers.  As for AU, I became aware of them when I joined my university’s atheist club last year. They had materials for interested people on their club table in the student center. I couldn’t resist taking all the brochures and stickers.. Membership with national atheist organizations was still out of my reach, however. After purchasing textbooks and other school-related items, I was left with $600 to support myself with for January-May. I kept telling myself I’d just pay for membership the next semester…something I’ve said since knowing of FFRF.

These memberships will be used to the fullest. I’m already very active in my university’s club, named the UNCG Atheists, Agnostics and Skeptics; we are affiliated with the Secular Student Alliance. When school is in session, I attend as many events as possible. My favorites this past year include the speakers Herb Silverman and local politician Cecil Bothwell, and the first-ever Reason Rally this past March. I’ve tabled loyally in the student center every Tuesday and Wednesday of each week, speaking to interested students and the occasional detractor. It’s been a wonderful experience that I plan on continuing for the next two years I attend.  I’ve also cleaned the club’s “Adopt a Street” road and participated in the “Send An Atheist to Church” campaign, which entailed a church paying us $10 apiece to go to their church for one Sunday. We donated the money to the Red Cross.

Joining the club last year made me feel like I belonged somewhere. I transferred in after two years at another university, scared of not finding any new friends. Since joining, I have only moved forward in my quest for acceptance of the secular community. I want others to experience the same feeling.

Here are few the materials I’ve acquired from the FFRF and AU over the past couple years. I love slapping their stickers and bookmarks on all my belongings!

I also must  graciously thank our own Emily Dietle. She took notice of my Twitter and blog just this week and was pleased with what she saw. She took me under her wing overnight. I never thought I’d attract a big name, much less in a positive way! I was even more ecstatic when she asked if I’d contribute to her blog.  I promise I will work my hardest to keep reaching the atheist community doing what I love best: writing. Thank you to those who believed in me.