Art as Collective Perspective

Author Homer Carroll

Writer, game developer, unschooling mentor & founder/board member of Shine Your Light Event : A non-profit aimed at helping individuals in medical crisis | @homercarroll

Isn’t art just collective perspective? Isn’t the evidence of this that art changes over time? What we used to consider great art is now historical art. How is this different than opinion? As well, is it still art if there isn’t anyone to perceive it as such?

Increasingly so, it seems to me that art is something you convince others it is – not to mention buy for gobs of money – rather than a definite subject. In this sense,I would consider all art an argument from authority. I consider my breakfast in the morning art. The fungus on the patio is art. No one will pay exorbitant amounts of money for these things, though. Case in point, spray artist extraordinaire Banksy, whose art sells for thousands of dollars, recently went out and sold his art  as a street vendor in New York’s Central Park. He marketed a painting valued at over $40,000 for $60, and people tried to haggle him down.

I am very interested to hear what others opinions are, especially because I feel that all of this is merely grandiose opine; I also wouldn’t mind getting under an art graduates skin.