An Atheist Boy

Author Emily Dietle

My focus is on state-church separation & social issues. I'm an avid reader, and feel that one of our most valuable tools is the free movement of information and ideas. | @emilyhasbooks

Across the world, there are atheists struggling to eke out an existence in highly religious communities. The following is a personal account from one such man, a pen-pal from Pakistan, who was once an atheist boy.

There was a boy in Pakistan that belonged to one Muslim group’s holy family, or Brelvi. People ignorantly respected and obeyed his forefathers because they think the family’s genes are of their holy prophet, Mohamod. This boy’s forefathers were holy lords of the area, but he was an open Atheist. Though people were extremely against him, they give him respect because of his fake holy forefathers.

Once, the boy was going for a morning walk and on the way he saw several men beating another with sticks. The man was greatly injured but they were not stopping. There were many people present, but no one was trying to save the man, they were all were enjoying it.

The Atheist boy couldn’t see this and he went to them, trying to stop them from harming the man further. He requested to them to stop beating the innocent man, but as a result of his request they started to beating him as well.

There were many holy followers of his forefathers around the boy, watching the violence, and though they didn’t know him, the man who was being beaten knew who he was. When the Atheist boy saw that these men would keep hurting them, he shouted, and said to the gathered crowd, “Assholes, I am the grandson of your holy man!” They listened, and helped rescue the two from the men.

The Atheist boy called an ambulance for the severely injured man and travelled to hospital with him. After some hours of care in the hands of doctors and nurses, the man felt better, and the Atheist boy went to him to ask about his health. As he entered the room, the beaten man spoke loudly, “Thanks God, you are great! You saved me by the non-believer. You are great, God. You are great, you can do anything! This man didn’t save me, but you controlled his mind and he did this! You can do everything, God. You helped me by one who will burn in hell.” The Atheist boy felt happy to see this man safe, but his words were hurtful. Knowing he did his duty, the boy controlled himself and returned home.