Politics or Entertainment? A View From Afar with Tylzen

Author Emily Dietle

My focus is on state-church separation & social issues. I'm an avid reader, and feel that one of our most valuable tools is the free movement of information and ideas. | @emilyhasbooks

According to statistics, the vast majority who frequent this blog are from within the United States. Often, we Americans can become so steeped in our own media and local paradigms, that it becomes challenging to see a clear image of ourselves as a nation. In this blog series, you will be offered a ‘view from afar’ by atheists abroad, with their take on our politics and religious culture. Read the full series: Martin S. PribbleShelley SegalSylvia BroeckxTylzenRory Fenton, and Roger Ivan Hart.

For this, the first in the series, I would like to introduce you to Danish athiest Christian Thostrup Møller-Jensen. You may be more familiar with the pseudonym he uses on YouTube, where he is commonly known as Tylzen. Outside of vlogging, Christian is a Board-member at the Danish Atheist Society, and a twitter-a-holic.


Politics or Entertainment?

Sitting comfortably on my sofa in Denmark, I look at American politics from the outside, and the view is both fascinating and frightening. It is a political circus, somewhat of a freak-show, that has no equal, and it is hard to remind myself that this is not satirical. It is actually supposed to taken seriously.

With two ruling political parties, where the Republicans have gone so far towards the right, it has changed the perception of where the actual political center is for many average Americans. It is an environment that is hostile towards any voice of reason, logic or evidence, and a game that solely plays on the short term memory and feelings of the populace.
Pathos above Logos.

As entertaining and as ridiculous as it may be, I will continue to watch and be fascinated by the political machine of America. At the same time, I look out my living room window, and remember that people many kilometres away must live with the direct consequences of the actions of American politicians. All the rest of the world can do, is hold our breath, hoping for the best.